UNITAR International University was established in 1997 and is known for being the first virtual university in Southeast Asia and one of the pioneering private universities in Malaysia. Our main campus is in Kelana Jaya, Selangor, and at eleven other independent campuses throughout Malaysia. UNITAR has academic programmes in Certificate, Foundation, Diploma and Bachelor's levels to the postgraduate Masters and Doctorates.
• Since 1997
• Over 40 Programmes
• Nationwide Network
• More than 50 MNC and GLC Partners
• 35,000 Graduates

Student Testimonials

Alfred Danny Hanary
Diploma in Business Administration

"I’m a natural introvert from Sabah. So, when my family wanted me to go over to Peninsular Malaysia for my studies, I was horrified. But after enrolling into UNITAR, it sparked my love for people and travelling. I dived right into the different cultures and beliefs. I’ve now come a long way and thanks to UNITAR, I’ve a new interest in YouTube content creation to inspire others the way UNITAR has inspired me. From one UNITAR student to the next, do what you like to do and achieve what you want in life.”

Antra Ishatika
Bachelor of Guidance and Counselling

"Dealing with obstacles in my personal life has ignited my passion to help and advice others. I wanted to turn my passion into something more and that’s when I found UNITAR. Enrolling into UNITAR has opened many doors for me. I got to meet and understand friends from different cultures and beliefs while also harnessing the skills I need to become a successful and credible counsellor in the future. To my dear UNITAR friends from East Malaysia, focus on becoming successful to make your parents proud."

Leong Chia Yui
Bachelor of Education

"Growing up, it was difficult for me to fit into school life. Being born in the Philippines, I often find it hard to adapt to schools here in Malaysia. But UNITAR is a university where I feel most at home. It’s the first school that I felt I belonged to. I love how the university has a big mix of students from different beliefs and cultures. To my fellow student friends who are planning to join UNITAR, don’t worry about being homesick because you will feel just right at home here!”

Siti Nur Hanissah Amirah
Diploma in Business Administration

"For as long as I can remember, baking is an activity that I always did with my mum. It was a dream of hers to open up her own bakery but she never got the chance to do so because she didn’t have a college education. Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to make her dreams a reality. I decided the best way for me to do so is by learning the tricks of the trade. Through UNITAR’s Diploma in Business Administration programme, I’ve been exposed to a variety of business know-how and soft skills.”

Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance)

“Di Alor Setar, saya tinggal dengan datuk dan nenek. Sudah habis diploma, saya hendak ke KL untuk ‘degree’, tetapi datuk saya berkata, ‘Kalau kau pergi, datuk akan mati.’ Saya tidak ambil berat kata-kata beliau, tetapi setelah beberapa bulan saya di KL, beliau meninggal dunia. Saya tidak mahu belajar selepas itu, namun ibu saya menasihati saya supaya melengkapkan ‘degree’ saya. Apabila saya sudah berkerjaya, saya akan gigih bekerja untuk membetulkan keadaan ekonomi di Malaysia. Kita ini generasi muda. Saya sering berbincang dengan rakan-rakan saya tentang cara-cara memperbaiki situasi semasa di Malaysia. Saya bersyukur kerana dorongan daripada keluarga, rakan-rakan dan para pensyarah membantu saya mewujudkan suasana yang positif untuk meneruskan usaha perkembangan diri. Di UNITAR, semua orang tidak kira kawan atau pensyarah mengingati dan sering menyapa saya apabila berselisih. UNITAR menyediakan ruang-ruang perbincangan dan perjumpaan untuk para pelajar dari semua fakulti berkolaborasi dan berkongsi idea supaya kami semua dapat bertolong sesama sendiri.”

Kavelnain & Gursimer
Bachelor of IT & Foundation of IT

We took part in the World Pipe Band Championships where groups from around the world came to Scotland to participate. We represented Malaysia and ended up winning with our troupe, but it didn’t come easy. Leading up to the competition, we had band practice three times a week, and we were having our final exams during that period. We had to finish our exams and then rush to the centre for practice with the team. It was intensive because we never had to face something like that before, but we managed our time as well as we could and ended up winning first place. We feel like we were blessed, especially by our grandfather who passed away before the World Championships. He always supported us. Before we began performing, we were with our brother who was part of the band, and he said that he had a vision of our grandfather gesturing to us, telling us that he is watching over us. It was a very emotional moment because we were very close to him. We feel like we won because we got his blessing. Now, we take that victory and put everything we learnt from that experience into our daily lives. I think we’re more confident now as individuals and as sisters, and we know that whatever comes our way, we can do it with our strength and the blessing that our grandfather gave us.